Our daughter Chelsea suggested that we needed to add some words of optimism to the blog, so here goes:

I am grateful that it only took us three hours to get out of the RV park this morning and not the more typical five;

I am grateful that we are finally using the incredibly overpriced bathrobes from the Four Seasons that Ilan insisted we buy a few years ago when we were in Vegas;

I am grateful that I only spent $89 plus tax on a skort from Athleta designed to prevent chafing, that instead of starting a forest fire (ladies you know what I mean), it has only given me a rash;

I am grateful that we had torrential rainstorms and severe storm warnings coupled with winds in excess of 50 miles an hour for only three hours of our seven hour drive from Colonial Williamsburg to Charleston, South Carolina;

I am grateful that we listened to the entire audio book on the Civil War (unbelievably boring} only to change our itinerary and not go to any of the Civil War sites;

I am grateful that I don’t work in Colonial Williamsburg, having to wear incredibly heavy costumes, while cooking over a hearth; weaving baskets or making fences out of thorny tree branches with bare hands, for eight hours a day in stifling heat answering the same questions day in and day out;

Ilan is grateful for the excellent back seat driving that I provided today. He said it truly enhanced his overall driving experience and he can’t wait for me to help him tomorrow, which I will be sure to do, as soon as I can get all the duct tape off of my mouth;

Ilan is grateful that we have yet to arrive at an RV park in daylight, so that he doesn’t have to put together the grill that I asked him to assemble (several times) when we were back in NY.

We are grateful that we have not yet killed each other, but hey, its only the end of day 3…………….