Hi y’all, it’s Ilan and I want to thank all of you for your kind words and wishes, I am feeling much better, not 100% but much better. Here are my thoughts, so far. To say that we came into this adventure with our ‘eyes wide open’ may have been true at the time, but you can never get the full flavor of an RV expedition until you get you elbows deep down in the shit. That’s when you realize how foolish you were for thinking that a nice Jewish couple from the Five Towns of Long Island can actually survive in a 25’x6’ moving toilet. On or about the 2nd or maybe the 3rd day I was very seriously contemplating the following: Jam the fire extinguisher, create some sort of an electrical ‘mis-hap’ and call it a day!!! But, I quickly remembered that my golf clubs were deep down in the bowels of this moving toilet tank that I quickly came to my senses. To be totally fair to the people who make this their life’s dream, it does get easier. You get into some sort of routine. You both can’t speak at the same time, because between the noise of the engine and the noise from the fan you can’t hear each other. You can’t be near each other for very long and most importantly if you want to be by yourself, go clean the sewer tank, which I’ve gotten really good at. Amy is a real trooper. I never would have thought she would thrive in a situation like this but she has. Right before she leaves for the showers she gives me homework to do. “When I’m gone I want you to organize the pantry, throw all the bad food from the fridge away and when you’re done doing that update my computer”. I’d rather clean the shit tank! I’m even thinking of getting a septic tank for our home. My morning trips to the showers are my favorite time of day. With my plastic shopping bag with shampoo, soap and tooth brush in one hand and my towel around my neck, I walk with my head held high as if I own that drop dead gorgeous 75’ RV bus parked next to us. Just this morning when I was waiting for the dryer to finish I started looking at the bulletin board where people are trying to sell their RV’s and for just a split second I said to myself ‘ this one is really nice’!! I turned around quickly to make sure no one heard me, especially Amy. On my way back to our 25’ rented RV I found Amy talking to our next door RVers and as I got closer I heard her giving them divorce advice. Things are looking up, this could be very lucrative!!!