A cross-country road trip, from East to West then back again, hitting all the major landmarks, monuments etc. along the way.


We’re scheduled to depart from New York City on June 7, 2015.


Our daughter Chelsea sent us an email which mentioned an algorithm developed by Randal Olson, designed to calculate the shortest cross-country route that would hit every national park and landmark in the US.  We were intrigued. While we have traveled extensively, we never traveled throughout the United States and decided that now was the time to try it.


What better way to see the country than in an RV?
We searched the Internet, did some comparative pricing and found a 25-foot RV from Cruise America.  We decided that a 25 footer would be small enough for both of us to drive comfortably, yet have the things we needed: a bed, a table, a bathroom and a shower.

We’ve made some slight adjustments to Randy’s proposed itinerary, for two reasons: we did not feel the need to “touch down” in every one of the 48 contiguous states in the US, and we wanted to include a stop in Los Angeles to visit our kids. Our revised itinerary should allow us to hit almost every National Park, and some landmarks, in six weeks.