We are Amy and Ilan Mosery, a happily married Modern Orthodox Jewish couple in our 50s from Long Island, NY.

Ilan is 57, an avid golfer, a natural athlete and fearless. Ilan is also very neat and organized, and is great under pressure.  He is definitely the guy you want around when there is an emergency or crisis.  He is looking forward to this trip as long as he gets to play as many rounds as possible at the most scenic golf courses in the country.  His biggest concern about this trip is Amy’s commentary about his driving.

Amy is 54, not a golfer at all; not a natural athlete and certainly not fearless.  Amy faints at the sight of blood; gets car sick; is allergic to bees, mosquitos, ants and the sun, won’t use public restrooms and has no survival skills other than the ability to talk anyone or anything to death.  Amy’s biggest concerns about this trip are just about ‘everything’! While Amy is a great cook, she knows that this trip is going to present a tremendous challenge in this arena as there is no oven in the RV, just a one burner cooktop and a very small refrigerator with a tiny freezer.  Additionally, Amy and Ilan are kosher, sugar free and gluten free, so replenishing their food supplies is going to present a real challenge.  Amy is very concerned about the lack of closet space on the RV–or more specifically, the lack of shoe space. Amy is looking forward to visiting museums, galleries, arts and crafts fairs  while Ilan is on the golf course.